About Amaya Rose

15 year old Amaya started showing an interest in the violin at three, when she would fondly pluck the strings of her dad's violin. When she was six and half she started taking classical violin lessons and at eight she discovered  old time fiddle from a close friend. From their she has won numerous fiddle contests, developed a unique vocal style, and played with "Lyle Lovett", and "Rider's in the Sky", and also played for "Merle Haggard". Currently she is one of the lead vocalists and lead fiddle player in the "Monte Mills and the Lucky Horseshoe Band" a legend of the Central Coast of California.

Private Party

Dec 20th.



Chateau Latteau 

​Winery, Downtown Paso Robels

Dec 13th

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Songwriter, Singer, Fiddler, and Guitarist



Amaya Rose